Nowadays, girls have been very familiar with hair extensions, especially those people who have been tired of wearing short hairstyles, they want to make some changes on their hair. Before turning to the help of hair extensions, you'd better get a clear understanding of it, here I will introduce some basic knowledge.

Applying hair extensions is a fun way to add length, volume or creating an Ombre effect to their own hair. Hair extensions can fulfill various needs and blend perfectly with your natural hair. Black women who do not want to dye their hair can change their hair color by clip in hair extensions, which are not limited to only one color or style, they can be styled into any color. If you are pursuing high quality hair extensions, some will be very expensive, especially the ones made with 100% real Brazilian virgin hair.

There are several types of hair extensions you can find online. For its origin place, they can be from Brazil, Cambodia, Eurasia, India, Malaysia, Mongolia and Peruvia. Brazilian virgin hair extensions offer you the most possibility to style your hair, while Indian hair is thick. For the texture, hair extensions have straight, wavy and curl from 8 inches to 34 inches. Besides, New Star Hair could also customize wigs according to personal needs.

Every girl could master the usage of hair extensions. You need to learn some techniques online if wanting to apply hair extensions in a perfect way, which means can not be distinguished from your own hair.

Like your own hair, human hair extensions also need to be cared so that it will last a long time. Be gentle when washing and brushing it. Use good shampoo to wash, applying hair conditioner regularly after washing. One deep conditioning is needed each week.